What We Do


Creating spaces to engage, educate, and empower men and boys around gender.


Curiosity – to learn and unlearn

  • We are committed to ongoing learning and unlearning

  • We practice self-reflection and are open to feedback

  • We listen to understand

Courage – to not be complicit

  • We believe in standing up for our values to support others

  • We see vulnerability as a source of strength

  • We are accountable for our actions or lack of action

Empathy – to build bridges

  • We meet people where they’re at

  • We acknowledge diverse identities, experiences, and privileges

  • We believe in the best of people, not the worst in people

Equity – to remove barriers

  • We value diversity and behave inclusively

  • We believe in the the social, economic, and political equity of all genders as informed by feminism

  • We work to address multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination