Raising Next Gen Men

Training for educators, coaches, youth workers, parents & community leaders.

Through our Raising NGM program, we offer a full-day workshop covering essentials topics & skills for anyone mentoring boys & young men.

Tailor-made for parents, educators, coaches & community leaders of all kinds, Raising NGM provides the tools for making a positive difference at a crucial stage of boys’ development.

Learn more about positive masculinity in all its forms, how to teach gender equality & healthy relationships, and strategies for discussing big topics like gender-based violence & mental health.


During this full-day workshop with Next Gen Men instructors, Raising NGM participants will:

  • Deepen their skills & knowledge for working with boys & young men in complex modern contexts.

  • Learn about gender socialization, stereotypes & daily pressures impacting these youth.

  • Explore strategies for nurturing emotional resilience & social strengths.

  • Learn new skills for facilitating conversations & learning on gender.

  • Get hands-on experience participating in gender-transformative activities developed by Next Gen Men.

Raising NGM is ideal for participants seeking to grow real-life skills in group facilitation, gender education & empathy building.


What do training participants receive?

A copy of Rachel Giese's 'Boys: What It Means to Become a Man'; Next Gen Men's resource list of recommended readings, videos, and activities; A certificate for 8 training hours.

Who is this for?

Parents, teachers, youth workers, coaches, or anyone interested in supporting the social and emotional development of adolescent boys and young men.

Who are the presenters?

One of Next Gen Men's facilitators that's had a hand in developing the program over the past 4 years will facilitate the training. You can learn more about them here.

Does it have to be one day?

The training can be conducted over the course of one day, or two half days.

Is there a group discount?

We're happy to extend a group rate for >15 participants from the same organization of $200 per participant. Please email info@nextgenmen.ca.

Do you want to positively raise the next generation of men? We want to work with you!