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Thoughts of a Next Gen Man 05: Reading the “Other” Side

A stark example to me that men are the dominant sex, is in literature. Women read books by men, about men, but it is few and far between that I see men reading books by women, about women. In an effort to educate myself, I’m reading Roxane Gay’s ‘Bad Feminist‘ in which she highlights this in one of her essays.

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Thoughts of a Next Gen Man 04: Don’t Seek Consent*, Seek Pleasure

ALWAYS seek consent

But what I mean to say, in the wake of the Aziz Ansari story, is that it’s time for men and women to work together towards a new definition of consent. Let’s call the old version of “no means no” the bare minimum, and the new version of “are you enjoying yourself?” to be best practices.

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Thoughts of a Next Gen Man 03: Fare Thee Well Vocabulary

Missing words? Nah, I don’t miss them. Over the years I’ve removed words from my vocabulary with intention. I’ve never used fag or faggot so that was easy. I’m not exactly sure when, but retard left too – somehow it’s more satisfying just to call someone stupid or an idiot anyways. The word that shocked me the most was “rape”.

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The Science of Rape Prevention

I was honestly really excited to read this new research study on the “Efficacy of a Sexual Assault Resistance Program for University Women” when it first came across my newsfeed earlier this month.

The study focuses on the prevention of a serious and widespread problem – sexual assault against female university students – and it was published by a team a researchers hailing from three Canadian campuses – the Universities of Windsor, Guelph, and Calgary – in the New England Journal of Medicine, which is a huge deal!

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