Our Volunteers


Adam Michaleski
Web Developer
Adam is a web developer based in Calgary. His work can be found at Prairie Apps.

Chris Ho
NGM Circle Vancouver

Eric Schwenger
NGM Circle Toronto
Eric is an educator based in Toronto and is passionate about advancing the narrative around diverse modern male experiences.

Jack Urwin
Jack is an author based in Toronto. He is has been featured in Vice and The Guardian, and is also the author of Man Up: Surviving Modern Masculinity.

Kelvin Sheldon
NGM Circle Calgary
Kelvin is a Project Manager living in Calgary with his wife and two daughters. He strives to lead a life that reflects positive masculinity.

Mason Slavner
NGM Circle Vancouver


Andrew Rogan
NGM Circle Calgary

Hafiz Damji
NGM Circle Calgary

Tanvir Alam
NGM Circle Calgary
Tanvir is currently working in Calgary’s oil and gas industry. He is trying to live a life of positivity and always chimes in at Wolf Pack YYC with a question that needs to be asked!

Lukas Kuru
NGM Circle Edmonton
Lukas is a student at the University of Alberta. He also volunteers his time with Men Edmonton.

Mark Nicoll
NGM Circle Edmonton
Mark is a therapist by training based in Edmonton. He volunteers with Men Edmonton.

Catherine MacDonald
NGM Circle Edmonton
Catherine is an education student at the University of Alberta. She also volunteers her time with Men Edmonton.

Geoff Davies
Writer & NGM Circle Vancouver
Geoff is a content strategist & copywriter specializing in digital marketing, media strategy & storytelling. A former journalist currently based in Vancouver, you can find him helping NGM out online, behind the scenes, or at one of our YVR events.