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Creating brave spaces to engage, educate, & empower
men and boys on gender & equality.


We are Next Gen Men

We are in the
business of culture change.

We’re getting at the roots of gender inequity by redefining what “Manhood” means.

In the classroom and after school, we empower boys to be their best selves.

In the community or in the workplace, we help men see themselves as stakeholders in gender equality.

From mental health & isolation, to gender-based violence & discrimination — we create brave spaces for big issues.

Empowering Boys

Boys should know that gender equality benefits them too.

Next Gen Men’s youth programs teach boys to question gender stereotypes & assumptions.

Our work helps build emotional intelligence, giving youth the skills & resilience they need for healthy relationships & positive mental health.

How to practice consent, how to be a good friend, how to live with confidence & empathy — our programs engage youth in the big conversations they need to have.


In the Classroom


"Everyone can
be different and that’s OK"

— Jack, Grade 7

In the Community


Engaging Men

Community is where culture change happens.

At Next Gen Men, we’re building men up — with real talk, relationships & fresh ideas.

Our circle is our community.

Making an impact in yours is what it’s all about.